23 September 2010

What is PICNIC?

Of course I could tell you: Google it! But that it not my style. So here I will give you a short overview over the background of PICNIC.

What is Picnic?
"PICNIC is about innovative ideas for business and society. It is an annual three-day festival that blurs the lines between creativity, science, technology and business to explore new solutions in the spirit of co-creation. Curious minds eager to exchange their knowledge, ideas and skills gather at PICNIC, making it the place to create the future – together."

What are the themes of PICNIC 2010?
"The world around us is changing fast, and not all the changes are positive. We're facing the biggest natural, social and economic challenges our world has ever seen. We’re ready to make a difference – not just with words, but with action! Of course we can't possibly redesign the whole world in three days, so we're limiting our focus to Life, Cities, Media and Design. The high-impact changes these areas are undergoing provide real opportunities to make a difference."

Who attends PICNIC?
"PICNIC attracts a global audience from a wide range of sectors. PICNIC attendees include creative agencies, artists, scientists, designers, marketers, brand managers, content producers, (new) media experts, government leaders, programmers, investors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, inventors, technology providers, games developers, services providers, students and teachers just to name a few! PICNIC attendees have one thing in common: they are all curious minds with a passion for finding innovative solutions for the challenges we face today and tomorrow."

If this is not enough information, then you should really Google it!

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