28 September 2010

'Masters of Media' blog

Thank you VisComX Research Colloquium from the Jacobs University Bremen for recommending my article about the educational possibilities of blogging (here). It is always great to hear some feedback.

"Do you want to know what media-students at University Amsterdam have to say about their field? Then have a look at the collaborative blog project “Masters of Media”, which is part of the media practice course taught by Geert Lovink at University of Amsterdam. The writers of this blog are current and former students of the MA New Media and Research Masters in Media Study.

One post which caught my attention was “What are the possibilities for blogging in education?” by Anne Lukas, which is a review of the paper “Einsatzpotenziale von (Micro-)Blogging in der Weiterbildung” by Ralf Appelt. In a way it also reflects what we are doing here."

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