03 November 2010

The best way to learn about scientific subjects

The best way of learning is when education happens all around the student but the student may not even be conscious of the learning process. Is sounds Utopian that students do not have to DO anything in order to learn. They just have to be there.

I think it is possible to teach science in a fun way without asking for too much effort. The band 'They Might Be Giants' do a great job by combining rock music with science lessons without being a smart-ass.

"They Might Be Giants is a band from New York City that was founded twenty somethin’ years back by John Linnell and John Flansburgh. Our current DVD/CD set (officially for kids but really for ourselves) is called “Here Comes Science”.

Some of my favorite videos/songs are:

P.S. Thanks to Otto who showed me this great band :)

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